Pre-movement Testing in England

Pre-movement TB testing reduces the risk of bovine TB spreading to new herds through movements of cattle. Pre-movement testing is a statutory requirement for certain Officially TB Free (OTF) herds.

Currently, the only type of test that can be used for pre movement TB testing is the single intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin (SICCT) skin test. It is the farmer’s responsibility to book and pay for a pre-movement test with their private vet, although farmers can move stock that have tested clear at a statutory i.e. annual test.

Clear pre-movement test results are valid for 60 days from the date of injection (day one of the test).

Pre-movement testing is a valuable part of the biosecurity plan to reduce the risk of introducing bovine TB but the test is not 100% sensitive. Isolation and post movement testing should also be considered depending on the risk of the particular movement.

For more information on pre (and post) movement testing, please see the APHA guidance:

> Click here for APHA Pre Movement Testing Booklet, which tells you how to meet the statutory TB testing requirements when moving cattle in England, and across the borders into other GB countries