What is a radial test?

It is a TB surveillance test around all new TB breakdowns with lesion and/or culture positive animals in areas where the radial testing policy is applied.  The purpose of the test is to check neighbouring cattle herds for spread and to help identify any undetected source of infection in the locality.  All cattle holdings falling within, or straddling, a 3km radius circle from the new TB breakdown will be identified and required to undertake an immediate radial test of all the cattle on the holding aged 42 days or older.  Herds are not placed under TB restrictions whilst awaiting radial testing. Four yearly testing herds in the Low Risk Area (LRA) that are subject to radial testing will also be eligible for pre-movement testing requirements.

Where is radial testing applied?

Radial testing is applied in the LRA and, from 1st January 2015 it has been applied in the Derbyshire Edge Area. From 1st January 2018, radial testing will be extended to other counties in the Edge Area. For more information on radial testing in the Edge Area, please see the article on the TB Hub.

How will I know if my herd is required to undertake a radial test?

Cattle keepers will receive a test notification letter from APHA informing them that their herd requires an immediate radial test, specifying the date by which the test is due.
What is the testing window for a radial test?

60 days. The window for a radial test usually starts immediately on receipt of the notification from APHA unless a clear herd test has been completed within the previous two months.  In such cases, the radial test would be deferred until six months from the date of the last herd test.
When will the next test be due after the immediate radial test?

Providing the immediate radial test (RAD) is completed with negative results, the herd will require a further radial test (RAD6) six months after the immediate test was carried out.  Thereafter the herd will revert to routine annual surveillance testing.

Can a radial test count as a pre-movement test?